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Metal Create

Metal manufacturing process is a process to precipitate the formation of various types of metal coating on the surface of the substrate, with the development of science and technology, traditional electroplating and other surface treatment process of high pollution and low intensity was gradually replaced by metal manufacturing process, which has high bonding strength, porosity, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistant the main features of. Currently in aviation, aerospace, oil, chips, power and other industries have gradually spread.


Supersonic flame spraying is in early 1980s, based on common flame spraying on the development of a new thermal spray technology, different supersonic flame spraying gun and common flame spraying gun is that it has a supply of oxygen and fuel (available fuel including propylene, acetylene, propane, ammonia, kerosene) for high temperature and high pressure combustion chamber, combustion products through a compression expansion nozzle jet out. This structure is designed to obtain the supersonic spray combustion flows at the outlet of the sprayer, so it will pass through the feeding gas to the fuel flow accelerated to supersonic powder, thus forming a coating of high speed impact precipitation on the surface of the substrate.


Cold gas dynamic spraying as a twenty-first Century model of surface engineering and processing technology, which can complete the metal at low temperature, and precipitation alloy composite coating, and in the process of powder particles almost no heat effect, so it has a good foreground in the field of aviation industry.


Plasma spraying has the characteristics of high flame temperature (almost all the materials can be melted), stable process and so on. The technology has also been applied in the production and maintenance of civil aircraft parts, such as the root and rudder of gas turbine engine blades.